BENU for the Consumer Market

Thanks to over 365 pharmacies throughout the country, BENU is always present and close-by. But we primarily make healthcare smarter and more personal.

Your partner for medication and medical tools

BENU is the Brocacef Group’s consumer-market-oriented division. Our BENU pharmacies are all about accessible, innovative medication-based care. BENU Direct offers personal advice and practical support in using medical tools.

Accessible and innovative medication-based care

With over 365 pharmacies, BENU is the largest pharmacy chain in the Netherlands. Not only that, we are also a pioneer in terms of healthcare innovation. We actively share knowledge with doctors, nurses, and other specialists, thus creating modern solutions and new ways of collaborating to enable more clever, personal and accessible care. If you are a pharmacy and want to know more about our franchise formula, go to BENU formulepagina.

Suitable tools, personal advice

BENU Direct specialises in providing patients who need medical tools with support and advice. We target patients with incontinence, diabetes, a stoma, wound care needs or a fluid diet, working in close collaboration with patients and healthcare professionals. If you are a healthcare provider and are interested in our services, go to to find out more and register.

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