Brocacef for the commercial market

We introduce you to the activities of our eight business units for the commercial market.

Services that will help you get ahead

Brocacef originated as a pharmaceutical wholesaler and has long since become the market leader in its field. However, our eight separate business units offer a much wider range of expertise and specialised services, to our partners within the healthcare sector and beyond.

Some of our activities

  • We are the country’s leading wholesaler, able to handle any and all pharmaceutical orders and deliveries.
  • We offer medicine preparation services and also act as a supervisory body.
  • We offer custom medication in unit-dose packaging.
  • We manufacture top-quality packaging for not just the pharmaceutical industry, but the cosmetics industry (among others) as well.
  • Due to our many years of experience, we have become an expert and valued consultant regarding logistics processes and pharmacy optimisation.
  • We provide medication storage services for pharmacies.
  • We collaborate with pharmacies and healthcare professionals to develop care programmes to provide accessible care in the patient’s own familiar environment.

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