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Your innovative partner in supply chain solutions for pharmaceutical, medical tools, resources and medications

The right medications at the right location and the right time

Brocacef Healthcare Logistics (BHL) is the industry's leading specialist in pharmaceutical logistics. We take care of pre-wholesale and distribution of medications and medical equipment for over fifty national and international clients.

BHL is specialized in supply chain solutions for pharmaceutical products. Storage, (re)packaging and transportation of medication, medical devices and disposables is executed in accordance with strict (inter)national guidelines like GDP and GMP. We therefore make use of our bonded- and conditioned warehousing (40.000 pallets allocations) and conditioned transport vehicles. On behalf of our customers we take care of the entire order fulfilment process. With track & trace in place, recipients are able to track their delivery.

BHL makes sure that that the right medication, medical devices and disposables are available at the right time, wherever the patient is, in a care facility, at home or at the hospital. We achieve this by delivering medication, medical devices and disposables on behalf of our customers, directly to pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmacists and healthcare and cure institutions.

Facts & figures about Brocacef Healthcare Logistics

  • The leading distribution partner for pharmacists
  • Fully conditioned storage capacity of 40,000 pallet spaces
  • Over 25 years of experience in and knowledge of the pre-wholesale business
  • Our own transport network, fully track & trace enabled
  • Fully certified logistics processes
  • Transport in a fully conditioned environment at all times
  • Accurate temperature measurements are guaranteed for the entire distribution chain
  • Transport to healthcare providers (pharmacies, institutions and hospitals) and to people's homes
  • Part of PHOENIX Group, Europe's largest distributor of pharmaceuticals

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