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Thanks to our continuous striving for improvement, we are always in the process of developing ourselves further – and the only way to be able to do that is with a proper, solid foundation.

Multiple companies, a single focus

The Brocacef Group is part of the German PHOENIX Group, with McKesson Europe AG as our second-largest shareholder. Brocacef is then divided up into various business units and subjacent private companies. Brocacef has branches throughout the country. Our Brocacef brand targets the corporate market, whereas BENU services the consumer market.

Clever, personal, accessible

What’s most important is the thing that connects Brocacef as a whole: our focus on healthcare. Our 5,000+ employees spend each and every day working on enabling clever, personal, and accessible healthcare. This is how we collaborate with our partners to create an optimal healthcare experience, both now and in the future.

Peter de Jong,

chairman group management

Bart Tolhuisen,

group director finance

Gerard Mulder,

group director wholesale


Codes and Whistleblowers Regulation

The term “compliance” refers to rules and guidelines that aim to ensure a company and its employees comply with existing conditions and laws. The main focus of compliance is on enabling and creating fair competition, and on preventing and eliminating corruption

Compliance is a key element of the PHOENIX group’s and Brocacef Groep's corporate culture and is derived from our fundamental corporate values. Responsible and compliant actions are central to the success of our company. Alongside the social responsibility we bear as a healthcare provider, respectful cooperation is also crucial to a trusting relationship with our customers, business partners and stakeholders.

Within the PHOENIX group and Brocacef Groep, compliance is based on multiple substantive pillars:

Our policies set, in concrete terms, our company’s belief that corruption, anti-competitiveness and misconduct have no place within the PHOENIX group and Brocacef Groep or in our cooperation with customers and business partners. Violations are not tolerated. Appropriate investigations are conducted and penalties imposed if necessary.

A group-wide compliance organisation ensures that the rules are enforced and monitored throughout the group. In addition, local Compliance Managers are responsible for compliance in the individual countries.

Case reporting system 

The PHOENIX group has established a web-based case reporting system. Whether you are a PHOENIX employee, Brocacef Groep employee or a third party, it gives you the chance to ask questions, or report suspected violations of the compliance rules or actual incidents, anonymously.

The system is operated by an external service provider. Your identity as the whistleblower can therefore not be traced unless you expressly agree to provide this information.

You can access the whistle-blower system at any time through this link

The Brocacef Groep Whistleblowers Regulation describes the manner of reporting a suspicion of an irregularity or an irregularity and the handling of such reports by Brocacef Groep. More information about our Whistleblowers Regulation can be found here:

For more information, please contact Mr. Martijn Boot (compliance/general counsel) via

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