Brocacef and BENU

Helping people to be and stay healthy, at every stage of their lives, that is what we are all about. 

The healthcare partner for consumers and healthcare professionals

Brocacef and BENU devote themselves daily to people’s healthcare. In the video below, we highlight what it is all about for us: helping people to be and stay healthy.

We want to be the healthcare partner that people prefer. We are there wherever consumers and healthcare professionals need advice on a healthy lifestyle, the right kind of medication, self-care products and medical aids.

The most suitable end-to-end solution

We provide healthcare solutions throughout the Dutch healthcare chain, such as: specialized supply chain, patient support programs, pharmaceutical services for institutions, compounding, custom unit-dose medication packaging, delivery of self-care products, medicines and medical aids, (customised) packaging and supplies for practices or pharmacies. We also provide tailor-made advice on the optimisation of logistic processes within hospital or (healthcare) institution pharmacies.

We gladly work with you to find the most suitable solution so you can focus on patient care.

Would you like to know more about our solutions? Please feel free to contact us:

Patient Support Program E-mail +31 6 50 68 66 23
Transferred hospital care E-mail +31 6 50 68 66 23
Ordering and delivery E-mail +31 30 24 52 888
Logistics Service Provider E-mail +31 6 50 68 66 23

How may we help you?