Pre-wholesale distribution

Brocacef Healthcare Logistics is a specialised service provider of supply chain solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical tools industries

Specialised logistics for pharmaceutical products

Brocacef Healthcare Logistics offers its clients in the Benelux a wide range of logistics services, from stocking, storage, pick & pack, delivery and return shipments to financial management. We service all pharmaceutical wholesalers and a wide range of pharmacies and hospitals and are unique in that we offer Total Fulfilment. Regardless of whether you are looking for standard processes or custom-made reports, our logistics professionals ensure that all aspects of pre-wholesale distribution run smoothly and are able to anticipate the market's every need.

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Why choose Brocacef to be your logistics service provider?

  • Over 25 years of experience as a logistics service provider for all pharmaceutical product categories (specialised, generic, OTC and medical tools)
  • A modern, centrally located warehouse with strict quality and safety standards
  • Multilingual Customer Support department
  • Full order-to-cash flow
  • Full GDP coverage for all logistics processes
  • Value-added services (sampling, recall management, GMP activities)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Full-coverage transport network in the Benelux area
  • We have all of the necessary certificates and permits
  • Possibilities for interfacing on all levels
  • As part of the Phoenix Group, we have access to the greater European market

From order to payment

We take care of the entire distribution process for medication and related products: not just storage and transport, but various supporting activities as well.


Brocacef Healthcare Logistics' warehouse has a central location in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Our warehouse is fully conditioned and has a 14,000m2 footprint, with enough room for 40,000 pallets. These 40,000 spaces are divided across three categories: conditioned 15-25°C (ambient) storage, conditioned 2-8°C storage and an opiate vault. On top of that, Brocacef Healthcare Logistics has a separate area where goods are stored in shelving and can be piece-picked accordingly. Our warehouses are in full accordance with (GDP) requirements, thus satisfying strict quality and safety standards. All spaces are monitored 24/7 for their temperature and humidity. The Amersfoort warehouse is also equipped with a full-coverage sprinkler system.


Out of this warehouse, we supply wholesalers, pharmacies and hospitals via the Brocacef Benelux transport network. All of our transports are fully temperature controlled (both ambient and cooled storage), and we offer track & trace on all orders, including proof of delivery at the end.

Additional services

We offer additional services to take on even more of your workload! For example, we can handle your sampling, return shipments and recalls, repackaging and relabelling, and fill your displays for you. We can even handle administrative tasks such as organising your market release, and financial tasks such as invoicing, debtor management and price agreement processing. We employ business intelligence to keep you up to date on any relevant market info, and can tailor our reports to suit your specific circumstances and needs.

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