Patient Support Programs

Patient Support Programs: involved, professional support for patients for the proper use of medication, ensuring demonstrably better patient compliance.

Patient Support Program: support for specialised medication

Our Patient Support Programs provide involved support for patients for taking their medication. Brocacef delivers the medication to the patient's home and takes care of the relevant healthcare insurance claims. If the patient wants an explanation, instruction, or support, one of our experienced nurses will visit them accordingly. Other forms of interaction are also possible, such as newsletters, text messages and phone calls.

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Why choose a Brocacef Healthcare Services Patient Support Program?

  • High patient compliance due to professional support by expert staff: nurses and pharmacy assistants
  • Home delivery of medication at the desired time
  • Insight into medication usage
  • Loads of knowledge of and experience with the entire pharmaceutical chain


The core elements of a Patient Support Program?

Application to the program and pharmacy registration

After a doctor registers a patient for the Patient Support Program, Brocacef processes the proscription and the request. We coordinate with the patient to determine what kind of support they require, and come to agreements about matters such as the medication delivery address. Brocacef also handles pharmacy tasks such as checking medication safety.

Medication delivery

The relevant medications are stored at Brocacef, in full accordance with the GDP standards for the distribution of medications. Once agreements have been made with a patient regarding their deliveries, the relevant medication is registered under their name and shipped by Brocacef so as to arrive at the right location at the agreed-upon time.

Support by an experienced nurse

A Patient Support Program can also include providing the patient with a detailed explanation of their medication, such as to help them learn how to inject themselves. In that case, our nurse contacts the patient to schedule an appointment. Additional supporting services are available as well, to be coordinated with both the patient and the client. 

Patients in a Patient Support Program can turn to one of our nurses 24/7 to have their questions answered.

Brocacef Healthcare Services' Patient Support Programs

We provide Patient Support Programs for various indications, such as cardiovascular healthcare/hypercholesterolaemia, neurology, pulmonary hypertension and IBD.


As part of a Patient Support Program, we guard all medication in full accordance with the applicable regulations regarding pharmacovigilance.

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