Transferred hospital care

In transferred hospital care, patients are administered specialised medication at home.

Transferred hospital care - the right medication and care at the patient's home

We offer transferred hospital care on behalf of healthcare institutions, delivering specialised medication at home, administered and supported by our own specialised nurses. Due to at-home treatment (instead of outpatient), we help you make the healthcare process more personal, less time consuming, and less burdensome.

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Why choose transferred hospital?

  • Transferred care is a more efficient solution for treating and supporting patients, lessening the load borne by the outpatient clinic
  • 1-on-1 attention for patients ensures a strong personal connection and improves their quality of life
  • Dedicated nurses with level 5/6 BIG registrations
  • Always the right custom care thanks to close collaboration between nurse and specialist


Brocacef Healthcare Services: your partner for pharmaceutical care

Patient Support Programmes

Apart from transferred hospital care - in which case the healthcare institution serves as the client and Brocacef's primary task is that of caretaker - we also offer Patient Support Programmes . We execute these programmes on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, and our role in them is different; we take on the entire pharmacy aspect, including obtaining the necessary medication, medication security, and at-home delivery of said medication. We also provide patients with at-home instruction and support by one of our specialised nurses.

Care solutions for medication delivery and medical conditions

Brocacef Healthcare Services (BHS) offers care solutions for medication delivery and medical conditions, ranging from medication delivery at the patient's desired location to nursing care. We do so with our dedicated team of nurses and trained pharmaceutical specialists, who are available 24/7. We also have the necessary specialised knowledge in-house to be able to provide patients with the best possible support regarding their medication use.

Collaborating with hospitals

The way in which we collaborate with hospitals differs from one hospital to the next, depending on their specific needs. We can collaborate with outpatient pharmacies or with specific departments, and our services range from at-home medication delivery and providing instructions to actually administering the medication.

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