Services & Support

This page contains a complete overview of our services and applications, which you as a Brocacef would be able to utilise.

Personal contact at all times

Brocacef has always championed a personalised approach to service provision, which is why we make sure that our clients are able to have personal contact with their account manager and our Contact & Support staff, who are always at your service should you have any questions. Brocacef consists of many different business units, and as such, many different client contact departments. Below is an overview of who to turn to with your questions, depending on their nature.

 Department/business unit Phone number Email address
 Brocacef general  +31 30 245 28 88
 Brocacef Healthcare Logistics  +31 650 68 66 23
 Brocacef Healthcare Services  +31 650 68 66 23
 Brocacef maatmedicatie  +31 31 864 19 90  contact us via e-mail
 Brocacef supplies  +31 30 686 22 11  contact us via e-mail
 Brocacef Ziekenhuisfarmacie  +31 478 50 92 00
 Recruitment  +31 30 245 29 11
 Spokesperson  +31 653 77 05 64
 General  +31 30 245 29 11

If you have a general question about our services, please contact our Contact & Support department by calling +31 30 245 28 88 or sending an email to:

Maximum ease with Brocacef’s applications

As a Brocacef customer, you would be able to utilise a number of clever applications. Let us introduce them to you down below:

  • My Brocacef and BROKIS
    You generally order your products via your ordering system or the BROKIS ordering portal. You can also order from other Brocacef units via the My Brocacef portal, which also gives you access to the BROKIS application. BROKIS enables you to order nearly all Brocacef Wholesale products.
  • Brocacef Hospital Pharmacy Ordering Portal
    Brocacef Hospital Pharmacy specialises in comprehensive pharmaceutical service provision. Via the Brocacef Hospital Pharmacy Ordering Portal, you can utilise various services, from prescription processing, medication checks and medication delivery to preparing and resupplying specific pharmacy preparations.

  • Brocacef supplies Ordering Portal
    This portal enables you to utilise all services offered by Brocacef supplies.

  • Brocacef Registration Portal
    This application is the registration portal for our Patient Support Programmes and transferred hospital care.

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